Eihwaz and Me

Everyday I wear an Eihwaz pendant around my neck. How I came to own it is, not odd, but kind of sweet, I guess. I had originally bought it as a gift for my boyfriend, but at the last minute decided not to send it to him. Instead I kept it for myself. I wasn’t sure WHY at the time. In fact, at the time, I really hadn’t ever studied Runes at all. I simply knew that Angelo liked them and when I saw them at my local New Age shop, I thought it’d be a sweet thing to get him. I had actually been looking for a protection Rune, so how I came to decide on Eihwaz, I’m not sure.

Eihwaz doesn’t speak of protection at all. Instead it counsels to live today for today, even while planning for the future. “We create our tomorrows by what we DO today” is another message of this Rune. And it’s one I keep coming across. My dream is to one day be a publishes author–Eihwaz tells me I need tenacity and determination to make my dreams come true. It couldn’t be more right. It’s not easy to make it in the writing business. Many people try and several don’t make it. Rejections are a part of the business and if you let them get you down, you’ll never make it. Instead, you have to accept it, learn from it, and move on.

At the time of purchasing this Rune, I had no idea of knowing how perfect it is for me. With it’s messages and associations I can only conclude that I was guided to this particular Rune–and especially guided when I decided to not give it away.

The tips of Eihwaz seem to act as two hooks grabbing onto two different things and pulling them together–bridging the gap between the two. Angelo and I are long distance, so trying to bridge the distance and get us in the same city permanently is a major thing with us right now.

I can’t ignore the fact, either, that Eihwaz makes me think of the Archer, the symbol of Sagittarius, my sun sign. When the Archer looses the arrow, it flies and carves an invisible path through the air towards it’s target. It digs it’s claws in and in order to get the arrow back, the Archer must then get to that same destination and retrieve it. Again, bridging gaps and covering distance.

When I decided not to give Eihwaz away it got buried in a bag that I was carrying when I first bought it. It sat there, hiding away in the dark for a good six months before I stumbled upon it again. By that time I had bought my first set of Runes and read a little about them. I still wasn’t super sure of the meaning of Eihwaz, but I immediately went and looked it up. Ever since that day, Eihwaz has hung around my neck and has never been removed. I have a feeling it’s going to stay there for a very long time.

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