Corvids, Crows and Ravens

When most people think of Odin and the animals He’s associated with, they think of Wolf and Raven (sometimes Eagle, and even more rarely Snake). They don’t generally think Crow. But Crows are Corvids just as Ravens are, and Crow has definitely acted as a messenger for Odin more than a few times in my life. In fact, Crow has acted more as a messenger for me than Raven has, if only because they are far more common in my area than Ravens are.

I recently moved into a new house. I love it and it was a total random find when I was house hunting. A few days after I moved in, I looked out my front window and across the street in my neighbor’s yard were two Crows picking at a trash bag my neighbor had left out. I couldn’t help but smile to myself.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that Crows and Ravens are very hard to tell apart. They look similar–solid black bodies–and they typically lurk around the same areas. They are both Corvids, and feed on mainly the same things–berries, fruits and seeds, and the decaying flesh of dead animals.
I found the following video interesting and informative,  so thought I’d share it as well~
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