Go Within and Find Joy

It’s not always easy to listen to our inner voices. We often listen to things outside us–the TV, radio, friends, peers, family and even strangers on the street. Most of us have become quite detached from spirituality that the only inner voice we hear is the one pushing us to buy that new cell phone or eat that donut, even though we know we don’t really need either.

But none of that nourishes us or gets us where we need to go. It may satisfy the immediate craving, but it will not get us closer to our life’s goal or our destiny. The only thing that will is listening to your Inner Voice–the one of the higher self.

That’s a lesson I’ve been learning quite a bit lately. It’s also the lesson Raido has to teach.

Raido is all about communication (there’s a reason that if you flip the “I” and the “D” you get the word radio!), but mostly about communication with the higher self. For years Odin has been knocking at my door, but I’ve only cracked it open. I’m really surprised He didn’t lose interest and go on another adventure or in search of someone else who wasn’t so stubborn or afraid. I’m not sure what really kicked my butt into gear, but about two weeks ago I started studying the Norse myths and finally learning the Runes like He asked me to almost a year ago.

This is something I wanted to do and knew I should do, but didn’t. I got too caught up in “keeping up with the Jones'” and all the shiny things on the market. I didn’t listen to what my heart and soul were telling me to do.

Ever since I started devoting more of my time to studying the Runes and myths (because I’ve been reading the Norse myths as well), I’ve been quiet and in a period of looking within–something Raido is indicative of. It can indicate that time is coming, though in my case it pointed out to me that a time of introspection is what I’ve been going through. I’m not one to always notice the obvious, but when I drew Raido I recognized it quite fast. And Raido is right–there is joy in going within. I’m glad it tells me to continue on the journey that I’ve begun, because I’m quite enjoying it and don’t want to end it, even if it is sometimes scary.

I saw this on Google and thought it was pretty appropriate for Raido's message~

I saw this on Google and thought it was pretty appropriate for Raido’s message~

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