New Runes!

With all the work I’ve been doing with Runes lately, I’ve noticed something. Whenever I try to shuffle them, I get the chills. And not in the good kind of way. It’s the same effect as nails on a chalkboard to me. It’s because of the material they are made out of–when they rub together the sound is too harsh, too rough. It bothered me so much that it affected how much I “shuffled” them (ie I didn’t shuffle them hardly at all). And when you don’t shuffle, you can’t get a good, accurate reading.

My solution to this was to get a new set of Runes! I have every intention of continuing my work with them, and deepening my practice, and I needed a set of Runes I could work with properly. I had seen a set of Amethyst Runes at my local new age shop, but when I got there, they had already sold them. I frowned. But in the same case the Amethyst ones had been in, there was a set of Jasper ones in a dark blue bag.

Dark blue (and grey blue) is a color I heavily associate with Odin, and most of the stuff I have on His altar is one of those two colors. Even the statue I use to represent Him is wearing a grey-blue “gown”. (The candles I sometimes burn for Him are of that color as well~)

It may not have been the set I initially went in for, but they are the set I walked out with. And I have to say I love the energy of them. ❤

Jasper Runes

Jasper Runes

I find it interesting to note that my Rune for the day is Wunjo–the Rune of Joy~ 😀

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