Altar for Odin

So, I have this small obsession with being able to see other people’s altars. I’m not sure why. I think it’s because, when you see an altar you learn something, not just about the deity in honor of it being erected, but the person who erected it. For example, if you have someone who worships Brigid and they have a quill, scroll and book of poetry on Her atlar, you can easily deduct that She’s a Goddess of Poetry, and that Her follower is heavily into those things. But let’s say there is another follower of Brigid and they have books on herbs, a growing sage plant, and mortar and pestle there. You can see that the follower is highly into healing, and that Brigid is a Goddess of that. (Both of those examples are true–Brigid is a Goddess of Poetry and Healing, as well as Goddess of Smithcraft. She is a complex deity~)

Knowing this, I thought I’d share my altar for Odin. It used to be on a bookshelf, but since I’ve been working with Him a lot more recently, I thought it was time to move it to a bigger, more prominent space.

Photo by Raven, 2013

Photo by Raven, 2013

Dark blue and grey-ish blue are two colors I very much associate with Him, and so everything is done around those colors. The two ravens were a gift from my best friend, the fairy with wolf statue was a random find that reminded me of a Valkyrie. The candle holder has a tree on it that reminds me quite a bit of Yggsdrasil, my new Jasper Runes hold residence behind the “Valkyrie”, the wolf candleholder was a thrift store find, and the oil burner in the back is the latest addition. It’s burning Lavender oil right now–not a scent that I typically associate with Odin, but one of my favorites (especially for writing!) nonetheless.

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