Perth–Rune of Mystery

Perth, or Perthro, is a Rune I both love and hate. Okay, maybe not hate, but seriously dislike. It simply tells you that there are things going on that you can’t see–there’s some sort of mystery affecting your current situation. The problem is, that mystery can be good or bad. And that is why I both love and hate this Rune–I love good surprises, but am not so fond of bad ones.

Looking at Perth upright, there is a “wall” at the back. I always am reminded of a strong wind pushing me forward, for that is what Perth does. It is saying to move forward, to get up and do. It seems to be saying “no, you can’t go back, you can only go forward”. And perhaps that is the mystery of Perth–the future. No divination tool can tell us something set in stone–they can only show us what COULD happen if we stay on our current course of action.

But part of Perth’s message is that something is hidden–there are forces outside your vision influencing your situation–and that “no action is the best action”, it’s best to set this issue aside for now and let things take the course they will. Then try revisiting the issue in a few days time.

Because of this “unsee-able” thing Perth indicates, I’ve heard that some Rune readers will stop a reading when Perth is the first one pulled. I, myself, don’t do this. I keep doing the reading and seeing what else turns up. So far this method works for me. Also because of this, I do not work with the “blank Rune”. I don’t see a need to have a blank Rune that indicates “the unknowable” or “unforeseeable” when there is Perth–it’s the same meaning, but with an actual symbol.

In short, Perth urges us to move forward, even though the future may not be the clearest at this particular moment.

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