Death: God of

As Lord of the Gallows
He seized the Runes
By hanging, dying, on Yggsdrasil
Himself a sacrifice to Himself

As Father of Battle
He hands out Victory
In war
His Valkyries then collecting
The Valhalla-bound chosen few

There they become Einherjar–
Warriors that fight everyday
And feast every night
As they wait for Ragnarok to arrive

At times He’ll mount Sleipnir-
His eight legged, grey steed-
And travel to Niflheim
For a visit with Hel, or Baldr

He is Odin
God of Battle, Poetry, Victory
And Death
He is the psychopomp that guides
Souls to the afterlife

–Raven 2/22/2013


When I researching all the ways Odin is connected to Death, I came across a website that summed it all up pretty well. One part in particular stood out to me.

There is something that all of these things have in common. Death is the destruction of the physical self. Battle is the transcendence of the self in the moment, as seen in the berserkergang. Poetry writing in particular, and inspiration in general involve the loss of the self as it is caught up in the information coming in from the outside. Wine brings about loss of the self through dulling of the hugr. Sex is loss of the self in another, and in the moment. And seidh involves spiritual death and rebirth in a different form.


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