An Act of Devotion

I’ve always been a writer. I remember sitting at a little blue, hand painted desk at my grandparents house when I was very little, trying to write. I barely knew how to draw any letters, but something in me compelled me to attempt it, even at the tender age of a first (maybe second) grader. I never knew how much that passion would fill my life in my later years.

These days it’s what I dream of. To be a writer, with published pieces in magazines and books on bookstore shelves. It’s something that my heart yearns for, and when I spend days like I did today, totally absorbed in Story, that I know that’s what I was meant to do.

I’ve been thinking about devising a ritual to do each time I sit down to write. Writing is an incredibly spiritual act to me. When I write, I get into a completely different headspace. All else clears away, and I focus only on the telling of the Story at the time. I believe all my Story Ideas to be divinely given–things that my Gods have given me to write, and it’s my “duty” to actually write them. Most of my ideas come from Odin, though I do believe Freyja gifts me with a few as well~ Writing is also the only way I’ve found that I can effectively meditate. Without having my hands moving across the page, or my fingers tapping at the keys, my mind can’t quiet and calm enough for me to hear anything but my own thoughts.

So I’m going to create a ritual. One for when I start writing, to ask Odin (and Freyja) to bless me with the right words to create the Story I have in my head. And one for when I finish to thank Him (and/or Her) for guiding my hands and thoughts. After all, He has made it clear to me that He is in charge of my writing (the only exception are the pieces that Freyja claims), and that is all should should be dedicated to Him. By writing the Stories He gives me, I honor Him. And since Writing is a spiritual act for me, turning it into a ritual is highly appealing to me.

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