Ehwaz is the perfect Rune for me right now. It’s a Rune of change, of travel and possible relocation. The main word here is change. Ehwaz brings about change, and often signifies travel and can indicate a new residence. Perfect for someone trying to relocate, right?

I’ve been in a Long Distance Relationship with a wonderful guy, Angelo, for six years now. The main thing I’m working on in my mundane life these days is finding employment in another state which would allow me to move closer to him, thus ending the long distance part of our relationship–something we’re both far more than ready for.

I’m still at the stage in my Runic journey where I have to refer to books and trusted websites for keywords and such to give me a hint to the Runes’ message for me. But I’m working on it. When I drew this Rune this morning I didn’t really remember what it meant. I had drawn it before, but only once or twice, and it’s message hadn’t stuck in my head yet. So when I finally got the chance to read about Ehwaz, I was very delighted to see that it indicated travel and new places. It’s exactly what I wanted to see.

I’m wanting to move to New Jersey, where Angelo currently lives. But because cost of living is so high there, people often ask me why he doesn’t just move here. He’s a writer and (people think he) can work from anywhere, and I have a job here. So why not start off by living here for awhile? Well, for one, because his jobs (all of them!) are based in New York and he goes to functions in New York occasionally for them. The other reason we don’t agree with starting off here is because Indiana isn’t where either of us really want to be. His friends (which he is very close with) are in New Jersey, as is his family. I went to New Jersey last year and absolutely fell in love with it, and New York. It’s so vastly different than life here. And even now, when I see it in TV shows or here it mentioned in songs or whenever I remember being there, I miss it terribly. Almost as much as I miss him. I never thought I’d be a New York kind of girl, having grown up partially on a farm. But I find myself yearning for it.

With all of the questions about why he doesn’t move here, I was beginning to doubt that me moving was the right decision. That maybe people were onto something and we should consider living here for awhile. Then today I drew Ehwaz. The Rune of change–an anticipated change, and a change that’s for the better. It was like Odin was telling me “yes, moving there is the right thing for you.” I always ask Him what messages He has for me before I draw any Runes, so to see this Rune turn up today was incredibly comforting.

But Ehwaz also speaks of gradual development and steady progress. So while this is the right move for me, it’s not going to be one that happens overnight. Which is something I already knew. I mean, you can’t move to a new state on a dime, and it takes time to save up money.

Also, I had read somewhere that Ehwaz is strongly connected to the horse. I’m not entirely sure how this is (and is something I’ll be trying to figure out in meditations and such), but this picture helped me start to see a connection.

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