Follow Your Passion (Also: Odin Prayer Beads!)

In honor of it being Odin’s Day, I thought I would talk a bit about my Odin Prayer beads~

I created them about a month or so ago, and wanted them to be very Odin specific. The inspiration came because I had another set of prayer beads that I used when I worked with a specific Goddess, and I then decided I wanted some to use for work with Odin. I gathered the “charms” I wanted to include on this and then went about finding specific beads–all crystals. A Rune, a Raven, and Odin’s Eye (or a bead that looks like it) all adorn this string of beads. The beads themselves are Labradorite, Amethyst (to my knowledge, Amethyst isn’t a stone typically associated with Him. But it’s a very special stone to me, and He kept directing my hand to the bin of Amethyst beads), Bloodstone, Lapis Lazuli, Smoky Quartz, and Citrine. I went shopping with the intention of buying the Smokey Quartz, but nearly everything else got added by pure intuition.

I don’t have specific prayers assigned to the different beads yet, but I’d love to assign some soon. But for now I carry them everywhere with me and never leave the house without them.

The Rune I chose was one I was directed to. It’s not the first one I would’ve chosen, now that I’m more familiar with (most of) the Runes, but I see how fitting it is given it’s association, my work, and the things that Odin helps me with.

I chose Kano. A Rune of fire and passion, the one that asks you if you’re paying attention to what you’re passionate about, and instructs you to open up to it if you’re not. Kano also sheds light on the darkest corners, and counsels you to listen to all possibilities and potentials. In my personal experience, Kano is also a Rune of Creativity. It brings Creative light and always opens me to new story ideas.

Kano isn’t my Rune for the day (Fehu is), but I recently decided to start self publishing a few of my stories, and directly after I made that decision I grabbed my Odin prayer beads and was immediately met with Kano. When I saw it, I smiled, because it feels like a giant “YES!” was put in front of my face. As if Odin Himself was saying “Yes! This is the right path for you.” When I get a feeling like that, I can only listen.

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