Father of Battle

One of Odin’s many names is Father of Battle. It’s easy to see how He gets this. He has Valhalla–His hall where His share of all slain warriors go and become Einherjar. These slain warriors battle every day and feast every night, practicing and preparing themselves for Ragnarok. That brings up another point–the fact that He does get half of all slain warriors. His valkyries lurk around battle fields, seeking out the best and bravest of warriors to take to Odin, to become the Einherjar. For a warrior, that would’ve been considered one of the best honors s/he could receive.

Freyja gets the other half of the fallen warriors. I’ve read She even gets first pick, though I don’t have that confirmed–either from UPG (if we go by that, it seems to me that Odin would want first pick) or from the lore.

There are other ways the “Father of Battle” name is fitting for the Allfather. He carries a spear, Gungnir, nearly every place He goes, and which is how the war between the Aesir and the Vanir started–Odin through it into the host of the Vanir. He has a shield as well. And in one instance, He even told Freyja to pit two kings against each other, causing them to go to war. If She didn’t do this, She wouldn’t get Brisingamen back (which Odin previously had Loki nab).

War and battles seem to excite Him, and make Him smile. Death, too. Even in the process of stealing the mead of poetry from Gunnlod He caused nine men to kill themselves after He obtained the knowledge from them that He needed.

I never thought I’d find myself devoted to a deity that bore the name Father of Battle. I’m pretty much a modern day hippie–I love peace and tend to avoid confrontation as much as I can. Though I have been known to “go to battle” to protect those I love. Because of my peace loving ways, I’ve often wondered what Odin could possibly want with me. But perhaps it’s my willingness to fight for what I believe in that He likes. Not to mention my love of writing and being creative and my insatiable thirst for knowledge (something Him and I very much have in common~).

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