Welcome Spring!!

I went to the park this morning to write poetry. The sun broke through the clouds casting shafts of light here and there, illuminating the grass and glinting off the river that meanders through the trees. I wrapped my jacket tighter around me as I walked along the banks, hands shoved deep in my pockets to shield them from the cold. My face stung from the wind, but I pressed on, determined to be outside–if only for a moment–today, the first day of Spring.

There were a few scattered picnic tables here and there, some standing in shade, others in sunlight. In either case, it was too cold to stay out for long. I’m not a cold weather gal–I can’t take the biting winds and frigid temperatures for more than a few moments at a time. So before I broke out the notebook and pen, I made my way back to the car and the warmth of it’s heater. I had parked in a spot where I could still see the water and the sun hitting the greening grass–perfect for pictures and nature inspired poetry.

Though my forays out into the cold world were short, it was the perfect way to greet the day, and Spring. It made such an impression on me, that I’ve decided to start doing this every Wednesday morning from now on. Wednesay is Odin’s Day–a day already set aside in my week for honoring Him. Usually I’ll burn candles for Him, sometimes incense if I can (I live with someone who isn’t fond of incense. I can usually only burn it when she’s not home, unfortunately), and when I can’t I light my oil burner. I’ve been looking for a way to expand upon my rituals on Wednesday for awhile, and this seems like a great way to do so. It celebrates Him in His guise as Bolverk–the One who snaked (ha!) His way into Gunnlod’s cave and partook of the Mead of Poetry.

Some of today’s spoils:

Photo by Raven

Photo by Raven

Morning sun hits the
Trunks of trees
Warming the bark and buds.
The trees answer back
Reaching their branches high
Outstretched, expectant
As they praise the returning sun
Robins and sparrows sing a chorus
Joining in the joyous moment
When Spring finally arrives.

~Raven 3/20/13

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