Giving Blood To The Runes

I’ve been reading a lot about blooding the Runes lately. The phrase itself is pretty self

Carving by Raven

Carving by Raven

explanatory–blooding the Runes, implies giving blood to the Runes. How one went about this–as in, do you give blood to each Rune individually, or all of them at once? Is there a certain ritual that needs to be done, or do you create your own? So, I went in search of answers. No, there is no specific ritual. Like everything else in Paganism, you write your own and do what’s meaningful to you and the Runes. And which Runes you offer blood to is up to the Runes–which ones want it or need, which ones do you want to give it to, etc.

Even with all of this research though, one question still lingered in my mind. Why give blood to the Runes? To answer this, I had to go back to the way the Runes were gotten in the first place, back to when Odin hung on Yggdrasil.

Odin won the Runes as He hung there for nine days and nine nights pierced by Gungnir–Himself a sacrifice to Himself. I’m still riddling out everything that the last of that implies, but the fact that He was pierced by Gungnir answers the question as to why blooding the Runes. If Odin was pierced with Gungnir, He was wounded and bleeding. Blood no doubt dripped down into the depths of Mimir’s well where Odin seized the Runes from. Only after He gave them blood did they reveal themselves to Odin and give Him their secrets. One can then deduct that the Runes work on a give and take basis, a two way street. You give them something and they’ll give you something back in return.

After all my research, and after it all made sense in my head, I planned to blood my Runes on the last full moon. Well, that didn’t quite work out the way I planned it. I had carved my name in Runes and made a few other wood plaques with Runes carved into them, which made my X-acto blade pretty dull. So when I went to actually draw blood, it didn’t work so well. I tried several times and either my hands are just super calloused from years of working with them (totally possible–I grew up on a farm and used to work with tractors and in fields, and in my down time I’d climb trees and go mushroom hunting), or my blade was as dull as a flower petal XD Either way, no blood was drawn. So I left the ritual with a promise to the Runes to get a sharper blade and offer them blood at the next opportune moment (most likely the next Full Moon as I have a month jam packed with dayjob work and writing work).

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One Response to Giving Blood To The Runes

  1. Julie says:

    It’s a better idea to use a sterile, sharper object. Like a diabetic lancet.

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