Glad of War has Gungnir

Odin has a spear that He carries with Him everywhere He goes. It’s called Gungnir and is a spear that never misses it’s mark. No matter what He throws it at, it’ll always makes contact where He wanted it to. There is a metaphorical meaning in this–that Odin always gets what He wants. Which is pretty true. Odin Himself is very tenacious and determined. If He wants something, He gets it. Me for example. He started coming to me years before I actually let Him in. He’d come subtlely at first, and then when He saw I either didn’t acknowledge that or “get the hint”, He started coming in more noticeable ways. Even then I tried to ignore Him, knowing He would claim me and take me to places I wasn’t sure I was ready to go yet. Regardless, He didn’t let up and now, years later, here I am running a website for Him and starting to do a bit of His work. Interesting how time changes people.

This spear was fasioned by Dwarves and given to Odin as a gift from them, along with Draupnir.

It is fitting that a God with a name like Glad of War would have a spear that never misses it’s mark. Actually, this spear was how the war of the Gods was started. Odin threw it into a host of the Vanir and from then on, They were locked in a battle. That isn’t the only time Odin was known to start a war or two. At one point, He took the necklace, Brisingamen, from Freyja and the only way He’d give it back to Her is if She promised to stir up hatred and war between two kings. She did, and thus She got Her necklace back. In this way He acted through Freyja to start war. I have no doubt that He would’ve found some other way to get a war going. After all, He gets Einjerhar from war. They are fallen war heroes that His Valkyries go out and choose, that then fight for Odin in Ragnarock. That and sometimes I think Odin just likes to watch us humans fight 😛

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