Lessons From Dagaz

Update on my Runic progresses:

I have officially been working with the Runes for over three months now, and I’m starting to notice that I now know all of the Runes by name (that occurred a long time ago, actually), and for most of them I no longer need to refer to my notes. I see the Rune, and I know what it means.

This past week, I’ve drawn Dagaz THREE TIMES. Two times were in consecutive days, and third time was last night when I needed a bit of guidance.

Dagaz speaks to me of chaos and trickery. It’s about endings one thing and the beginning of the next. It’s that liminal time right in between, where you’re standing at the threshold of something new that hasn’t yet begun. When I think of Dagaz, I think of brighter times, the beginning of something good–turning a corner for the better. Part of this is because Dagaz itself translates to “Day”, and that is always brighter than the darkness.

The other reason I think of turning a corner for something better, is because of my own personal experiences with Dagaz. For example, last night, I needed a little guidance regarding my relationship. I needed to know what to do and where to go next, and I asked Odin for a little guidance on this, then drew a Rune. Dagaz was the very first Rune my fingers touched and it fit perfectly in my hand when I closed it to draw the Rune out.

I’m not going to go into detail, but suffice it to say that Angelo (my boyfriend) and I have had a bit of a rough week. The distance is getting to us (we’ve been in a Long Distance Relationship for SIX YEARS), and it’s getting to the point where we really need to get in the same state. For our sanities. (I don’t mean that metaphorically.) But I needed to know how to handle this right now, what we’re dealing with now, as I job hunt for steady employment there. (After all, self publishing isn’t going to get me a steady income!)

Dagaz sprang into my hand, and the first word that followed it was “Chaos”. It was perfect, and something I should’ve known in the first place, but sometimes little reminders are needed.

Some people think of Dagaz as Loki’s Rune, and I am one of those people. Loki loves trickery and getting people to laugh (especially at themselves), so it’s very easy to me to connect Dagaz with Loki. Their energies are light hearted and fun, though Dagaz does require some work. But it was the perfect Rune to pull last night, and I think a great Rune for the overall feel of my relationship. Bright, cheery, fun yet willing to work for things…it’s all factors in Angelo and I as a couple, and as individual people. ❤

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