Mannaz: Paradise Is Attainable

I’ve officially been working with the Runes for over three months now. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long at all. Actually it feels like just yesterday that I reached my hand into that bag for the first time and fished around. But three months and two new sets of Runes later, I’m still learning things.

Everyday I do a daily divination–I draw a single Rune every morning before leaving the house as a way to guide my day and as a way for Odin to give me any messages He wants to. I keep record of every time I draw a Rune…or Runes. I have yet to venture into doing spreads that are for anything other than daily divinations, and I want to do so soon. But in the three months I’ve been working with the Runes, I have never drawn Mannaz.

Until today.

I’ve looked at this Rune several times in the course of my Runic studies, and there are two things that always struck me about it. The first is that it looks a lot like Ehwaz, just with extra supports. The other thing is that is looks like Dagaz but on stilts. Then when I was researching this Rune, another visual was pointed out to me that I had never noticed before. Mannaz looks like mirror images of Wunjoy.

Ehwaz is connected to the horse and speaks of travel–spirit and physical. But it also carries the message of gradual development and steady progress. Mannaz says that our dreams, our own personal “paradise on earth” IS possible, that it’s an attainable and real goal. When viewing Ehwaz inside Mannaz, it carries the message that that paradise can only be reached with steady progress forward. Nothing comes over night–things must be worked for.

Dagaz is, in some circles, known as Loki’s Rune. It speaks of chaos, change and transformation. It is the reality that things are always shifting. Dagaz (which translates to “day”) is that moment of epiphany. Mannaz counsels the development of the intellect. Mind and memory (Hugin and Munin) are two big things with Mannaz. Combine the two and it becomes clear that we further our intellect and gain those epiphanies through change–whether planned or unplanned–and that even the most chaotic times can bring about bits of enlightenment.

The fact that Dagaz is “elevated” in Mannaz tells me I should put extra emphasis on that. Not that it’s more important than any other message, but that it’s a more prominent one.

When I think of Wunjo I always think of Joy. Perhaps because I just need to add a “y” to the end of the word and the word “joy” can then be found in the name. Or perhaps because Wunjo actually does carry Joy with it. Wunjo is inspiration and it loves beauty. It wants you to pay attention to the details and make sure to not lose self control. Mannaz speaks of planning and analyzing, and when planning (especially for a move or change of locale, like Ehwaz can indicate) details are often crucial. Mannaz also speaks of our ability to see ourselves inside the bigger picture, our place in it. In my opinion, it would take the ecstatic inspiration of Wunjo to do that.

Perhaps that is why I hadn’t drawn Mannaz until now. Because I needed to learn and get to know the other three Runes before I could fully understand the lessons and nature of Mannaz.

Or maybe it’s simply because I have such a strong knowing already in me that Paradise on Earth is possible that I don’t often need a reminder. I still didn’t really today, but it is nice to know that Odin wants me to keep fighting and pushing on on the path I’m journeying down.

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