Blue and Green and Yellow And Purple

This has to be my absolute favorite picture of Yggdrasil. It actually shows Neiflheim, Jormungand and Bifrost. Usually pictures of Yggdrasil just show the tree itself. Maybe Ratatosk and the Eagle or Deer. This one pays more attention to the placement of the Nine Worlds.

Plus the picture is really colorful. Just like the world actually is. ❤

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8 Responses to Blue and Green and Yellow And Purple

  1. Miaërowyn says:

    This is stunning!

    • Lilly Raven says:

      Thanks! The artwork isn’t mine, but I found it a stunning piece as well 😀

      • Miaërowyn says:

        He-he, there are so many things I wish were my work, but it’s always good to find amazing things!

    • Lilly Raven says:

      Agree! I always try to give credit to the artist as well. Sometimes I don’t know who originally created it though 😦

      • Miaërowyn says:

        I know, I hate when you want to share an image in a post, but you just can’t find the artist. Then you go through the thoughts of, should I share it if I can’t give credit? Sigh. I still think it’s good to share images nonetheless, especially images with Pagan bents as it can be hard to find the really good stuff!

    • Lilly Raven says:

      I agree. I share images when I find them because there’s not a huge concentration of Odin-centric images in one spot. This is a way for me myself to collect them and yet share them 🙂 I’ve just decided that if an artist sees their work on my site and wants me to give them credit, they just need to let me know. When I know who the artist is I will happily give credit where credit is do~

      • Miaërowyn says:

        Exactly. There seems to be just a few Odin centric images when you Google it, and they just repeat depending on the site that used them. I’ve been searching myself, and I find going to the art sites and searching has provided some more variety, that’s for sure 🙂
        And that’s a fantastic idea!

    • Lilly Raven says:

      Yeah, dA wields some pretty great stuff. Also, if you try searching the other spellings of His name (like Wodan, Woden, Odhinn, etc) you get a few different results 🙂

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