Jolly Good Times

It’s really hard for me to think of Odin and Jolly in the same sentence. Most of the time He’s serious and comes with lessons and Ordeals for His devotees to navigate and learn from. Though I’ve heard some people say He’s a Nordic Santa Claus (or that Santa Claus is a form of His), Odin generally doesn’t have the “belly that shook like a bowl full of jelly” air about Him.

But that’s not to say He doesn’t like having a good time. On the contrary, Odin does enjoy fun. His kind of fun seems to be a little different than what a lot of people would consider fun. He likes battles of wits and challenging other people in games of “who’s smarter”. Kicking back and watching Criminal Minds wouldn’t necessarily be entertaining to Odin (at least I wouldn’t think so).

From time to time though, Odin does like to take off on adventures. Explore places He hasn’t been, or revisit favorite hang outs. A lot of times these adventures are made solitarily with only Sleipnir as His companion. But when He does travel with companions, Loki is often among them.

Loki gets a rep of being a trickster. And while He’s very much that, there is another side to Loki as well. I have not had many interactions with Loki myself. I’m seen Him peeking around corners and heard Him giggling in the background at times. But very rarely have I dealt with Him outright~ However, when Loki is around, you can be that there will be laughter and good times.

When I think of Loki, the very first word that comes to mind is Fun. Another is chaos. But not chaos in a bad way. Chaos in a good way. That kind of chaos that’s done in jest, with the intention of fun or helping someone–not chaos to wreak havoc on a person’s life (even though it can sometimes feel that way, and/or even turn out that way). It’s no wonder Odin prefers His company.

I like to think that Odin and Loki balance each other out. Odin is seriousness and dedication and Ordeals. Loki is fun and chaos and frivolity. Yet both have many lessons to teach (and often they are very similar lessons), but done in different ways.

Recently I had someone tell me that they’ve heard people claim Loki and Odin are one and the same. I…don’t believe that. While They have similarities, They also have many differences that would keep me from believing They are the same deity.

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