Meeting Freki and Geri

So, this blog is obviously Odin-centric. It’s all about Him, His adventures and the things He has lordship over. Like Runes, for example. I also believe He has lordship over Ravens (via Hugin and Munin) and Wolves (via Freki and Geri). Well, last night I went to visit some wolves, so I thought I’d share the story here.

Taken by Raven at Wolf Park

Taken by Raven at Wolf Park

Wolves are how Odin first started coming to me. Countless people think wolves are beautiful, majestic creatures. I was one of those countless people as a kid. Though my love of them ran a little deeper. I was a bit obsessed. I had wolf pictures all over my room, wolf calendars, and anything else I could get with wolves on it. When I got my high school class ring the inset image was of a wolf howling at the moon, and I (not too much) later got a bracelet with a wolf head engraved on it. I never took that thing have–still have it to this day, though I don’t wear it all the time anymore.

I didn’t make the connection of wolves to Odin to several years later though, and even then I resisted Him…a lot. But eventually I gave in (obviously), and He’s been a huge part of my life ever since.

Las night I had the chance to go and see some wolves in person at Wolf Park. I’d been there once before, five years ago, but that was before I had given in to Odin and it didn’t hold the same kind of meaning for me. This time I went back with Odin in mind.

Freri and Geki though, I’ve found, are two creatures rarely mentioned. Hugin and Munin get talked about a lot more than Odin’s wolves. I’m not exactly sure why this is, but last night as I listened to Monty (the photographer/lecturer/guide) talk about wolves and their lifestyles and habits, I realized how much they can teach us about Odin.

Taken by Raven at Wolf Park

Wolves live in packs, and value family. If someone in the pack is threatened, wolves will defend their own. Odin is much the same way. He’s protective of those He calls family, or has claimed as His own. He’s also not the best at sharing.

Just like wolves, when Odin claims someone (or something) as His, they are His. Wolves mark their territory (with scent–mainly by urinating on things) and once they do they don’t let anyone else come onto it. Strange and unfamiliar wolves are attacked and/or run off their land. Odin is much the same way. Someone else tries to claim what He’s already marked as His? Forget it. He’ll make an uproar and a stink until whatever is trying to come on His “property” backs off.

Taken by Raven at Wolf Park

Odin’s adventures are legendary. He loves to go out and explore   and see what’s out there. Wolves are no different. They’ll go out and explore the perimeters of their territory just to see what’s there. They will also go as far as they can (both with behavior in the pack and when exploring), just to see what they can do and get away with. If a wolf can extend it’s territory by another inch it’s going to.

Last night’s adventures were a great lesson in what studying the things Odin’s associated with can teach me. I wonder what Ravens will teach…

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3 Responses to Meeting Freki and Geri

  1. Tinnuwen says:

    I absolutely love wolves. Unfortunately this country prefers to shoot whichever sets a paw into it instead of properly reintroduce them. 😦
    Their value of family, how they live, *function* together has always fascinated me, even when I was a child.

    • Raven Rose says:

      They aren’t smiled upon in the States either. Though I don’t believe it’s legal to go out and shoot them for game or anything. Which I’m glad about.

      Yes, I love the way they live and function together. Pack mentality is something that definitely interests and intrigues me. ❤

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