Jera: Rune of Harvest

Jera, for some reason, is a Rune that is cheerful to me. Perhaps it’s because it’s associated with positive things.

A Rune of Harvest, Jera speaks of plentifulness, of bounty. I’ve seen people draw it in their garden, around their plants to bring it’s energies in. I myself am going to be drawing it in my garden in a few days when I plant a few flowers (and herbs).

Going beyond that, Jera is all about completion and answers. Jera actually signifies happy completion, which is probably why I think of happiness and light hearted, cheerfulness when I think of this Rune.

Perhaps a journey is ending. Jera will tell you that where your journey ends (or has already ended) is where you are supposed to be in order to take the correct path for the rest of your life. If your current journey moves you to another state, then that particular state is where you are supposed to be. It’s where the path for the rest of your life will begin.

And that is something I really like about Jera. It points both forwards and backwards, symbolizing that where one journey ends another begins.

One half of Jera, is Kano–a Rune of fire, passion and creativity. Kano is known to shed light in dark places, to illuminate that which is hidden, and bring things to light. It asks if you’re following your heart and your passion, or if you’re ignoring them.

When you take both Runes and fuse them (and their meanings) together, they can easily be interpreted as abundance of passion and bountifulness in creativity and creative ventures.

This is another Rune that will advise you to look within yourself to find answers and a new perspective. From that new understanding of ourselves, focus on and think about the opportunities we can now see.

Jera also says that Joy lives within you, and if for some reason you can not achieve a state of Joy, that there is a reason and it’s best to uncover it.

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