Nauthiz: Total Dedication

I relate to Nauthiz on a very deep level. It speaks about a part of me that I couldn’t deny or ignore if I wanted to. That is that of total commitment and complete dedication to something.

There are some things that I’ll do halfway–but not when I want something completely. I very rarely talk about personal things on this blog, choosing instead to keep it all about Odin and His family and such. But to best demonstrate Nauthiz’s message, I’ve chosen to get a little personal in this post.

I have a lot of things going on in my personal life. The main thing is a move at the end of this month to New Jersey to be with my boyfriend. This has caused some uproar in my family–they like my guy just fine, but my elderly grandma doesn’t want anymore of her family to move away (one cousin has moved an hour south of us, and another lives in India. That’s really the extent of my remaining blood family) and my mother has a terrible fear of being alone.

This all compounds on me. My family wants me to stay close and not leave the state (I currently live in Indiana). They’ve tried convincing me this way and that, that staying is best. The thing is…it’s best for who? The answer isn’t “me”.

I’m very stubborn and I don’t back down easily. But I’m not naïve or selfish or won’t consider other people’s points of view. I try my best to step out of my shoes and into other people’s.

It’s not easy to stand up to your family. Especially when you’re incredibly close to your mother (think Lorelai and Rory Gilmore).

But Nauthiz’s message was a very pertinent one for me to hear yesterday. My grandmother had called and asked me to change my plans, to stay here and have my boyfriend live here. The problem with that is his work is based in New York and neither of us want to be in Indiana. I visited New Jersey last year and fell in love with it. And New York.

Before I even spoke to my grandmother, I had drawn Nauthiz. It was my daily Rune. Only after her and I’s conversation did I understand why I drew it.

Nauthiz, as I stated, speaks of total and complete commitment, and steadfast determination. It counsels  you to have the courage and wisdom to understand what must be done, and to have searing dedication to your course of action. In other words, once you’ve decided on a course of action, don’t back down. Keep going until the journey has ended and don’t deviate from your path.

My plans still stand. I’m moving June 26, 2013 to Northern New Jersey to be with the love of my life.

Other things Nauthiz speaks of:

  • The need fire. We humans need fire for warmth but are scared of it’s total power. If a fire gets out of a control, it can burn an entire forest to the ground and kill us. Yet we need it for survival.
  • The tipping point. There is a point in every person’s journey where they have reached a point of no return–when they’ve gone too far to turn back. It is that point that Nauthiz speaks of.
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6 Responses to Nauthiz: Total Dedication

  1. I drew Nauthiz as my own daily Rune today! Interesting: I see a lot of the same things in Nauthiz that you do (one of its primary meanings for me is a kind of admonition to “Get! Things! DONE!!”).

    Good luck to you on your move.

    • Raven says:

      Yes, it carries that same message for me a lot 🙂 Whenever I need a push to get a move on (ha. a pun XD), Nauthiz shows up.

      Thank you!!!

  2. Alexis Sólveig Freysdóttir says:

    I am speechless reading this.
    The point is… I always refused to work with the runes but they call for me. I never read about them or try to understand them. But nevertheless they come from time to time.

    And now… I’m stuck in a process of wich Odin is the initiator. He gave me Nauthiz a week ago or something, talking about the “fire” and the need for a sacrifice, a dedication.
    It’s a bit schocking for me to read this here… it’s just… wow… because it fits so good to my situation.

    • Raven says:

      Hi! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog.

      I admit, for awhile Nauthiz was a Rune I didn’t want to try–it had a…I guess scary is the right word…quality to it. It reminded me of tunnel vision and being focused solely on one thing. It still does. But that’s not a bad thing. It just asks you to focus on something and get it done. Not procrastinate or do something half way.

      • Alexis Sólveig Freysdóttir says:

        yes, I see that 😀 and that’s the scary thing about it. But it’s okay, don’t get me wrong 🙂 I was just surprised, because I don’t have any experience with runes. It was just what Nauthiz showed me.

    • Raven says:

      The Runes have their own “spirits” about them. Definitely their own energy. They aren’t just pieces of stone or wood with a symbol inscribed on them. Keep working with them and they’ll each teach you more about what they mean and stand for. (Runes can also work as talismans and such! They aren’t just divinatory :D)

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