Mead of Poetry; Or, A Devotional Book For Odin

One of the most well known things about Odin is that He has the Mead of Poetry. He changed Himself into a snake, slithered through a hole in a mountain, and (in His guise as Bolverk) spent three nights with Gunnlod in exchange for the Mead.

I’ve heard some of His followers say that He only speaks “in honeyed words”. That is, in lines of poetry.  He doesn’t do this with me. He has at times. But not every time.

I’ve also heard that He will sometimes favor certain humans and give them a single sip of His mead. I don’t know that He’s necessarily given me one. I very much wish He would, though.

My own flirtations with poetry are just that–flirtations. It’s not something I write everyday. It’s not even something I write every week. And yet, I love it. Back in high school, I had a small dream of someday being a poet. When a writer friend told me she wanted to be a novelist, I told her I wanted to be a poet. Back then, I wrote poetry like nobody’s business. I carried around a notebook and wrote something in it everyday. If I carried around a notebook specifically for poetry these days, it would just collect dust in my bag.

I don’t know what happened to my lust for the rhythm and verse of poetry. I started journaling and writing prose and whatever creativity I had for poetry seemed to fly away as quickly as autumn leaves. I want it back.

For the past several years my literary goals have been purely in the form of prose. Short stories are the main thing I write lately (I even published one on Beltane), but I can’t deny that a part of my heart will always long to see my name on a book of poetry.

Awhile back I decided I’d write a book of Pagan poetry. I’ve long since wished for such a thing to exist and despite my searching, I have yet to find it. Originally, this book I decided to write was going to be a very generalized book. It would contain poems for/about the nature elements as well as my personal deities (Odin and Brigid). But more and more, I think, the book needs a far more focused nature.

I’ve altered my plans a bit. Instead of doing a generalized book of Pagan poetry, I’m going to write to and for Odin. Poetry about Him and His adventures, prayers to Him, invocations–all original of course.

I have no idea when this will be released. I have a rapidly approaching move to New Jersey at the end of next month, and a few anthologies I’m working on. My goal would be to release this collection by Samhain, but I fear that might be too ambitious to make it a definite date right now.

With Odin’s help and inspiration, I have no doubt that I can get this out sometime this year though.

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6 Responses to Mead of Poetry; Or, A Devotional Book For Odin

  1. Tinnuwen says:

    I’d be a buyer, just saying 🙂

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  3. Miaërowyn says:

    Fantastic idea! I think pagan writers should be doing this for the deities they worship, as many of us non-writer types struggle to find good material to base our worship on. I would be a buyer as well 😀

  4. Miaërowyn says:

    And by worship, I mean the practices and such I guess, lol… My mind is elsewhere…

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