Piercing Gaze

I love how this picture actually shows His one remaining eye with a COLOR. Total UPG, but I’d always thought of Odin as having blue eyes (or, eye, as it would be). Then when I started seeing Him in meditations and such, He would always have a blue eye.

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3 Responses to Piercing Gaze

  1. Tinnuwen says:

    Great one 😀
    I’d imagine Him with a blue eye, too. Might be a slight viking-ish prejudice on my side though. 🙂

    • Raven says:

      Are blue eyes common for Vikings?

      • Tinnuwen says:

        I’m not sure – not sure how blended the “races” were that the vikings came from (since those were people from several countries, Germanic people), but I guess I’ve very often seen or read references of the typical light haired and blue eyed type. Especially of the Nordic people, that is.
        Hmh… ok, googled a bit and found some references to blue and green (or blue-green as well?) being typical eye colours of vikings.

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