King of Ordeals

Odin loves to test and challenge people. I sometimes think that’s His form of entertainment–to see if and how people can survive certain things. But, with Ordeals come lessons He’s trying to teach, and they are almost always for a very good reason.

But what exactly is an Ordeal?

That word gets used a lot. “What an ordeal that was!” Is a common saying anymore. The implication is that something was a hardship or there was something complicated about the situation that made it trying. The implication is true–it is a hardship.

Ordeal: a severe trial or experience

–Miriam Webster’s Online Dictionary

A lot of people think of Ordeals as physical tests of pain, like putting hooks through your skin and suspending yourself by them. And yes, I very much imagine that is an experience and definitely shows a person what pain feels like. But there are so many other Ordeals that can be gone through, and many of them are not voluntary.

That thing that first propelled me to even question my spirituality and what I truly believed about God, the afterlife and life itself, was the death of my grandfather who I was very close to (he was like a dad to me). It through me into a pretty dark depression that challenged my will to live. But I climbed out, learned from it and have been questioning and seeking ever since.

Even today, with having to move 1300 miles just to be with the one I love, having to uproot my entire life and prove myself to those that think what I’m doing is an impossibility…that is all an ordeal. It’s challenging. It makes me push boundaries, learn lessons, and step outside my comfort zone in order to grow.

And that is what Ordeal is all about. Growth. Learning. Moving forward.

I’m usually a person that prefers peace–I’m not one that will advocate for war or swing the first punch or even start an argument for the hell of it. But if Ordeals get me where I need to go in life, if they get me the things that I desire, then I welcome them.

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