Love and Lust

Not many people think of Odin as a “God of Love”, and for people who have only seen surface level facts it may be really hard to picture Him as such. The most common aspect people think of when they think of Odin is “God of War” or “God of Inspiration”, things like that. Maybe the old Wise Man. But Odin does actually have dealings with love. And especially with lust.

Odin is married to Frigg, the queen of Asgard and mother to His son Baldr. The day Friday is named for Her (though some would argue it’s named for Freyja), and She is said to have the power of Prophecy but never reveals what She sees. Frigg is said to be the only other person allowed to sit on Odin’s throne, Hlidskjalf. This attests to how much Odin cares about Her–He wouldn’t allow anyone, not even His closest friends, to sit on His throne for even a moment. But He allows Frigg to.

All of this isn’t to say that He didn’t look at other women or have His fun. It’s quite common knowledge that He lusted after Freyja, though to my recollection the two never acted on Their lusting.

Odin seemed to view sex as a means to an end. Like in the tale of how He got the mead of poetry. He spent a few nights in Gunnlod’s bed in order to gain a drink of the mead which She guarded. He didn’t love Gunnlod, nor did He really lust after Her. He just saw something He wanted (the mead) and saw an opportunity to get it and took it.

I’ve also heard from other Odin-folk that He is quite a charmer. I myself have not encountered this side of Him. For me, He’s more of a Father, Mentor, Ally and Guardian. I’ve not had Him try to romance me in any way (or if He has I’m just really really blind to it :P), though several say He’s tried that with them.

I do believe them. After all, a guy who’s drank the mead of poetry and can speak a rhyme fast as a hummingbird’s wings flap; or a Guy that is the most knowledgeable being to exist? I’m sure He’d be able to turn on the charm and wind His way into anyone’s heart that He wanted to.

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