Valknut Eye

I find this picture deeply meaningful. Not only does it show that Odin is one eyed in appearance, but I find the Valknut in the center of the sacrificed eye incredibly symbolic. One thing that can be argued about the Valknut is that each one of the nine points represents one of the nine worlds. If we run with this theory, then the Valknut on His sacrificed eye depicts that He can see all of the worlds with His sacrificed eye. (I’ve long held this belief~)

The fact that the sacrificed eye is in the mouth of one of His ravens, and that his ravens are perched on Him is also quite symbolic. Huginn and Muninn fly the world over and report back to Odin what they’ve observed. Maybe Odin got them (or they came to Him) after He sacrificed the eye as a way to sort of replace it.

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