Blessed Solstice!!

I stumbled upon this happy image while I was searching for Midsummer images for my writer site, The Faerie Scribe. I’ve been contemplating my journey with the Runes thus far lately and how far I’ve come and such, and this image made something clear to me. I can now read things written in Runes.

Clearly, the second message in this graphic is written in Runes. It took me a second to decipher what it meant, but I was able to do it without any help or referencing any books. This tells me that I am able to fully recognize every Rune on site without looking it up (something I’ve known for awhile. Inguz is the only one that gives me any kind of trouble that way. Not sure why.), and that I know it’s English counterpart. For example, Dagaz representing the letter D, or Laguz representing L. This is a very happy discovery for me. I don’t really plan to write anything in Runes, except maybe a poem or letter to Odin at some point.

I have written one thing in Runes before–my name, Raven Rose. One I translated each letter, I read about the individual Runes that make it up and discovered that, aside from the words/names Raven and Rose highlighting different parts of me, the Runes that represented the letters did even more so.

Photo and Woodcarving by Raven

Photo and Woodcarving by Raven

Just for a random, “light” example, Raido represents the letter R (my birth name, coincidentally enough, also begins with R. As does my last name). Raido is the Rune of communication, usually with your higher self, but I interpret it as communication in general. I’m a writer, and my preferred method of is email or text–word based things. I’m rather shy around people until I get to know them.

“There is Joy in going within” is something else Raido tells us. To go within, you generally need quiet and to be alone. Erego, you could deduce that Raido teaches Joy in being alone. This is something else quite true of me. Some people fear being alone, but I don’t. I’m an introvert, and I need some alone time (probably also has something to do with my Scorpio Rising). I don’t dislike people or crowds, but I’m also quite happy doing things on my own.

Those are just two of the more obvious things that Raido represents about me. There are at least five other Runes in my name, each with equally meaningful things to point out. I’m still discovering them all.

I never knew writing my name in Runes would be something akin to drawing up my natal chart!

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