Mother of Odin: Bestla

Odin is son to Bor and Bestla. Bor was an Asgardian, and Bestla was a Jotun. There actually isn’t much more that I’ve found about Bestla. Which makes me a little bit sad. Ancestors and family are such a big part of Norse (and Heathen) life, that knowing a little more about Odin’s parents would be nice. (I have yet to do much research on Bor, so really, right now, it would be nice to know more about His mother.)

Given the fact that Bestla Herself was a Jotun, that would be make Odin Himself half Jotun. Bor was not a frost giant, which keeps Odin from being full Jotun. Perhaps this is why He didn’t have a problem with Loki, who is also technically a Jotun.

The little information I could find on Bestla tells me this:

She has a sibiling, and this sibling at one point or another assisted Odin in some venture. I’ve seen it mentioned that this sibling could be Mimir, I’ve also seen it mentioned that the sibling was unnamed.

There is no reference to who Bestla’s mother was, but Her father was a Jotun, Bolthorn. And aside from Odin, She had two other children, Odin’s brothers, Vili and Ve.

This is the extent of information I’ve been able to find on Bestla. I am going to continue my quest of reading as many translations and versions of the Norse myths as I can so that I may learn as much of them as I can, and hopefully in this quest I can find a bit more information on Her.

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2 Responses to Mother of Odin: Bestla

  1. Tinnuwen says:

    It’s always frustrating when there’s hardly any information. :p I’ve been reading up some this and that as well. If I come across anything *new* in German, I’ll let you know. I’ll need to check my resources there though as I usually do searches and reading in English mainly. But I’ve got one book on Odin which is available in German only and who knows, it may have some information as well. 🙂

  2. I don’t know if you’ve seen this:

    There is a lot of good, sourced information here, along with some of the author’s UPG.

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