Fehu: Resource Management

More and more lately, I’m drawing the Rune Fehu as my daily Rune. Given the major life move I just made, it makes perfect sense for this Rune to come up as counsel.

Fehu is all about resources and how you manage them. I always associate Fehu with wealth (money in general). One of the first things that comes to mind when I see this Rune is “be careful of your money”. I’m not a frivolous person financially, but the reminder to keep my finances in mind is never actually a bad thing. For me, when I see this Rune, it makes me pause and ask if what I’m doing is in line with my future goals (monetarily speaking). “Do I really need that video game, or should I save this money and put it towards xyz?”

I suppose in that respect, Fehu is about goals as well. Money has been the way we survive here in the Midgard world for about as long as any of us can remember (and before there were dollar bills there was bartering–it’s always been a give and take system), and if our current financial situation doesn’t help us achieve our goals or make our dreams come true, then perhaps we need to re-evaluate what is truly important to us. My personal spending habits changed a lot when I realized that I wanted to make a cross country move. That required saving money and not buying the little extras that I was used to. I was lining up my financial “house” with my greater goals.

But Fehu isn’t just about monetary resources. It can speak of other resources as well. In a move like I just made (from Indiana to New Jersey), I’m having to rely on other people for help. I barely know my way around here, and I don’t have my own car. So, friends with cars that are willing and able to help me out here and there can be considered a resource. In this way, Fehu would counsel me to examine how I’m “using” them. “Am I actually being a friend and listening to their wants and needs and hanging out more than just when I need a ride? Or am I abusing their niceness and taking advantage of them?” Once again, it’s a give and take system. Just because no bills change hands doesn’t mean fairness should be ignored.

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