Odin: The Wanderer

Odin is a “God of”* many things. He’s “God of” poetry, knowledge and wisdom, death, and of course Runes. There are several other things, but those are the big ones that come to mind for most people when they think of Odin. One other thing that Odin is “God of” that is particularly of interest to me is Journeys and Travels.

There are many, many stories of Odin travelling to different lands either to acquire something, or just because He was growing restless and desired a little of entertainment. His journey to Gunnlod to gain the Mead of Poetry is one great example. Another that comes to mind is how He journeyed to Jotunheim to challenge a Jotun in a test of who was wiser, just because He wanted to.

The “God of” Journeys has been guiding my life quite a bit lately. I recently made a half way across the country move, and it’s tossed my life into a whirlwind (though a happy one). I’m loving my new life and Odin seems to approve as well. I’ve felt Him with me every step of the way and I’m quite grateful for His guidance.

*’God of’ is in quotations simply because I dislike putting the Gods into categories and boxes like that. Their reach extends beyond boxes, just like humans don’t live lives based on one aspect or interest.

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