One thing about the Norse deities is They usually don't ask for more than you can give. They may give you certain tasks to do, but They know you can accomplish them. When They ask for certain offerings, it's the same way. The Gods know your situations (especially if They are regularly in your life), and don't ask for you to put yourself in the poor house over giving Them offerings. What They do ask if that you give what you can, when you can. This means that, if you can afford to give Odin a $100 bottle of mead, He would prefer you do that over a $5 beer. Not saying the beer wouldn't be accepted, just that the mead would please Him more. (Mead is one of His favorite drinks after all~) That said, if all you can afford is a $5 beer, then the Gods aren't going to turn you away or ignore you. I myself work on a very strict budget (currently unemployed and just made a major life move to another state), and have yet to have Odin tell me "no, that's not good enough." The trick really is to give what you can, when you can.

So, what constitutes good offerings for Odin?

As I’ve already mentioned, Mead! Odin loves Mead. Just about any alcoholic drink will do, but Mead would be His favorite. He is also pretty fond of whiskey.

Odin also seems to have a thing for crystals, when it comes to things I give Him. I was once perusing the crystal shelf at my local new age shop and He decided that Goldstone would be the perfect thing I should give Him that day. On His prayer beads, I also have Smokey Quartz, Citrine, and Amethyst. The latter two are two of my personal favorites as far as stones go, but when I was making the prayer beads, He directed me to the bin for those as well. Really when you think about it, they are great crystals for working with Odin. Citrine has an amazing energy and is quite inspiring; and Amethyst works great as a helper with meditation.

I’ve also lit candles and/or incense in His honor before when I couldn’t do much else, and at the time He was fine with that. For candles, I simply use the blue chime candles (with me He’s very big on blue). Incense varies, both by what I have on hand and on what He’s feeling on a particular day. Most often I use Lavender, though that could just be because that’s what I typically have on hand (that’s my favorite), but Frankincense and Sandalwood are also frequent offerings from me (in that order).

But more than anything, I have to say that He likes your time. Whether the time be spent on working on things He’s given you, or in meditation with Him. He also really likes it when you talk to Him. Sure, He can sit on Hlidskjalf and check up on things, but that’s not how you build a relationship with someone. You don’t visit your dad on the weekend, hand him a video and say “here dad, this is what I did this past week”. You sit and talk to him over a cup of Mead. Building a relationship with Odin (or any deity, for that matter) isn’t much different.

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8 Responses to Offerings

  1. Tinnuwen says:

    I love the way you describe this – so true, the time spent in meditation or work or even just a thought, that’s how you build your relationship. It’s something I have to remind myself of when I rush around and feel I haven’t much time for everything – set priorities, sit down and just do it. Even if it’s for 5 minutes only.
    Also, I like to talk to my Deities whenever, and not only when I have a specific question or something to ask for. Some people only ever turn to Them if they need help or want something specific. It might be right for them (I’m not judging that really :)) but it doesn’t feel right for me.

    • Raven says:

      Nope, relationships are supposed to be two way streets–not all “gimme gimme gimme”. I agree very much with that. That wouldn’t fly with other humans (imagine going up to someone to barely talk to and asking for something. The chances of them helping are slim), so why would it with deities?

  2. Myriad says:

    Good evening! Just wanted to drop in and say I’ve found this very useful… I’m only just beginning to build a relationship with Odin (in His Wanderer aspect), and I was looking for advice on offerings for Him — It was Loki’s idea that I start doing this, and true to form, He just pushed me in without swimming aids. “Out of one’s depth” seems to be a normal state for Loki’s devotees 😉 .

    • Raven says:

      I’m familiar with the Wanderer aspect, though the aspect I know most is the aspect that is always knowledge hungry. That said, I’ve heard other Lokeans say that same thing you have–out of one’s depths. I also know someone else who had Loki lead them to Odin. Ironically, for me, it’s quite the opposite. Loki is definitely in my life (though not to the extent that Odin is), and it was Odin that led me to Him! 😛

      • Myriad says:

        I’m pretty sure this is a “temporary arrangement” (although, when can one ever be with Those Two) — I’m not even sure whether Odin has any interest in me on a deeper level, but even if so, I know where my heart lies. So, I don’t really think that Loki is “leading me to Odin” per se; there are some reasons specific to the relationship I have with Loki that Loki cannot or will not teach me the lessons I need to learn from Odin… (sorry for sounding vague, it’s very personal, I hope you’re not offended or anything).

        At any rate, I’m trying to build a positive rapport with Odin (which I have not had prior to now)… and see where things go from there. And I’ve found offering practice to be a good start in the past, so thanks again for this post!

  3. Alexis says:

    Very good article. But how should I dispose of offerings like wine for example? Should I toss them to the earth? Thank you.

  4. Víðarr says:

    I need help reconnecting with my father ! You seem to know much that im unaware of in this form , help me !

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