Progress and Prosperity With Runes

I’m starting to expand my Rune use. I’m not just using them as a daily divination thing anymore. I’ve now branched out into using them in ritual and magic.

Yesterday, I turned my daily shower into a ritual. That’s a common thing for me, but this time I laid out three Runes alongside the (pink) candle I had burning. Ansuz, Wunjo, and Jera (in that order, from left to right). After moving half way across the country, I’m needing a job, sooner rather than later. So I wanted to do a sort of prosperity ritual. I went sort of on instinct with which Runes I chose, but also consulted my Runic notes. For me, Ansuz is all about money; Wunjo is Joy–and positivity in general; and Jera is Harvest. So essentially my spread said that I want happiness in my financial harvest. (As I’m trying to write out the statement for that it makes more sense in my mind that I should’ve put the Runes in different positions, but when I laid them out this is how my intuition told me to do it.)

It is important to note that I was actually praying to Freyja as I was doing this, not Odin.

The result of this Runic adventure is threefold: a) I got an awesome story idea today that I have a very loose outline for and am quite anxious to start on, b) when I went to write down this story idea, I found two dollars tucked away in my notebook, and c) a friend found an opening at his company and will help me get the position there. I was also out job hunting today and had an interview on the spot when I went in to apply at one place!

In short, I’d say the ritual was successful.

I really like using Runes in this way and definitely plan to keep doing it. I also would like to try my hand at combining Runes to make a new design. For example, taking the three Runes listed above and combining them to make a sigil.

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