Creativity, Magic, and Knowledge

“Descriptive names tell us that He has a long, hoary beard and a drooping moustache, is lean, has a straight forehead, and wears a shaggy cloak and a floppy hat. Although occasionally he appears as a younger man, most heathens see Him as gray bearded but vigorous, with an eye patch covering His missing eye.”

I fall into the portion of people that see Him as an older man. When I see Him, He has the long grey beard and floppy hat, and He always has Gungnir. Though He very rarely has an eye patch on. He only has one eye, but the missing one isn’t covered. This is partly where I get my theory that He can still see from that eye, even though it’s not in His head. It’s not the physical, material world He sees with it anyway–it’s the spirit realm.


“…the root of the god’s primary name, Odh, means ‘frenzy’–not in the sense of madness so much as the kind of ecstasy in which one learns, understands, and creates.”

“These days, Odin is sought by (or seeks out) those who work with words and people involved in the creative arts generally; those who study magic, especially the runes; and students, scholars, scientists, and others who seek knowledge.”

He started coming for me years ago, and at first I wasn’t sure why. At the time I was a peace loving vegetarian that wouldn’t dream of fighting. Then I did some research on Him and found He wasn’t just a god of battle. His interests actually have more to do with knowledge of all kinds, and creativity. Only after finally giving in to Him (because at first I resisted), did this realization settle over me. Odin has interest in me because I crave knowledge with a deep hunger, and if I’m not creating something, I’m unhappy. Stories come to me and beg to be told–they have since I was a kid. That’s why Odin is interested in me.

I also came to realize over time that I’m my own kind of Warrior. I don’t fight in physical fights, but I always fight for what I want. I’m relentless and tenacious and I go after what I want with everything I have, despite whatever roadblocks are put in my way. I battle through until Victory is achieved.


“The gift of Odin was breath, the catalyst that activates body and spirit and makes us live. Many find that the god comes closest in the wind that whispers in the trees, the wind that is the breath of the world.”

I love this quote so much. I have always associated speech and stories with the element of Air. Because you can speak them. Given this association and Odin’s love of stories, it’s no wonder that I feel Him in the wind and hear His voice on it.


All quotes from Essential Asatru by Diana L. Paxson

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