Rune Readings!

I’ve been reading Runes for awhile now. I continue to study their meanings and work with them, because I believe that the learning will never truly be done. Just like learning about and working with Odin could take lifetimes to fully understand everything about Him. But I’ve reached a point now where I would like to offer Rune readings online for a small price.

This is actually something that I had considered sometime ago, but when my life got a little more than crazy (I made a move to another state and moved in with my boyfriend and some of our best friends), I shelved it. But then when a friend suggested to me that I do it, I took it as a sign that it must be the right time. And, indeed, doing this does feel right. So, if you’d like a Rune reading done by me, please shoot me an email at with a synopsis of the situation and the question you’d like answered. Please indicate in the subject of the email that you would like a Rune Reading done. This ensures that I will special attention to that email. I will ask for payment of $15 upfront. You can send it to my Paypal using the same email address.

I will do these readings in a ritual setting, and then email you the results of the reading. I will ask that you allow 1-3 days for a response.

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