Hiatus Over

So, I can now promise to get back to regularly scheduled posts. Which is great because I really missed updating this place. But aside from having missed it, it also means that Odin and I aren’t really at odds anymore.

See, what happened was I felt like He was handing me the things I wanted most, but then cruelly yanking them away several weeks later after I’d had yet more time to fall in love with them. For example, He showed me where I’d be happiest, and gave me a great guy to go along with it. I visited here last year and fell in love with the place and the guy even more, and after that I made the move happen. I got here and, even though I was beating my head against a wall everyday, I couldn’t find the thing that would allow this move to be permanent: a job.

I kept drawing Runes and honoring Odin every Wednesday until I had had enough. Mr. O (as a friend fondly refers to Him) teaches some pretty hard lessons, but even warriors have a limit. So one day I said “enough” and put aside my Runes and took off my Valknut. That’s when the hiatus began. I told Him I wouldn’t do anything at all that could be construed as working for Him, honoring Him, or anything of the like.

A few weeks past and still nothing changed. I stubbornly clung to my position much like a child clings to a safety blanket.

Oddly enough though, these past few days I’ve been feeling the draw towards my Valknut again. I considered for days putting it back on, but didn’t touch it. This morning I came quite close to drawing a Rune as well, but also refrained from that. Then on my way out to job hunt yet again, my friend messaged me and said Mr. O wanted me to put my Valknut back on–just as a sign of faith. This is something I’d been feeling anyway, but at her words I knew putting it back on was the right thing to do. So before heading out I retrieved it from it’s resting spot and fastened it around my neck.

I didn’t touch my Runes though (and still haven’t), but it’s interesting to note that yesterday I noticed Eihwaz popping up in a few random places.

Half hour to an hour after I put the Valknut back on, I get a call. From a job. One I’d be waiting to hear from for weeks, but had given up hope on. They offered me the position and I start work tomorrow.

So, whether or not my “tantrum” had anything to do with me finding this job, I have a job. And I have to say that wearing my Valknut definitely feels right. It felt right the second I put it back on. So around my neck it will stay and back to updating this space I will go.

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5 Responses to Hiatus Over

  1. Shane says:

    Lily, so glad you and Odin have come to terms. Where did you get your Valknut? I keep looking for the exact piece and only find lesser quality and not as good looking pieces!

  2. eviehayes says:

    Hey I found this blog through a post you made on an LJ community. Just wanted to let you know that I will be adding you to regular reads. I’m also pagan and I have a pretty awesome relationship with the runes (I did readings through ETSY for a while) but I’ve been neglecting them. I think I was feeling drawn more towards deity relationships and that scared me and made me feel completely out of my depth (I’ve never had a relationship with a deity in my life) so I freaked out and put everything on ignore. Last time I drew runes was for a ritual my husband and I did for New Years Eve. 😦 Anyway long story short is I’ve been feeling draw back in and kept running across things seemingly at random. Your blog was the last kick to the ass that I needed to say FINE I’m back in. If I didn’t come off as too creepy I would love to get to know you better as you sound like a cool person (I’m also into photography, reading, and writing).

    • Raven says:

      You didn’t come off as creepy at all. I love meeting new people–feel free to email me (ravensong9@gmail.com) anytime. Also, add me on LJ if you like.

      For the longest time, even though I was working with Odin, I didn’t even own Runes. And then once I did they just kind of sat around collecting dust for a few months. I finally started working with them as His behest and found I love them. I would ALMOST (but not quite) say I prefer them to Tarot…but that’s ALMOST. There are still things about the Tarot that I cherish that Runes don’t offer. But I admit Runes are pretty awesome. ❤

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