Red, Blue, and Black: The Colors of Odin

There are a few colors that I associate with Odin. Red is one of them. Blood is something that I highly associate with Him, and blood is, of course, Red. Runes should be blooded; when He hung on Yggdrasil, He was pierced with Gungnir; sometimes the image of Him that I see is with blood dripping down His face from when He sacrificed His own eye to Mimir for a drink from His well. Some of these are pretty graphic images, but I welcome them. They show a more “human” side–they remind me that not even the Gods are perfect.

Odin wanders the world, ever questing for more knowledge and wisdom. He has an insatiable thirst for it. He is said to travel in a wide brimmed hat and blue cloak. This is a very specific blue that I’m talking about. Not royal blue, not cerulean, but almost a blue grey color. (Something similar to Gandalf’s cloak in the Fellowship of the Ring, but not exactly the same.) I also associate darker blue with Him.

The third color I associate most with Him is Black. It’s hard for me to put my finger on exactly why I associate Black with Him. The only black “things” I can think of associated with Him are Huginn and Muninn–His two ravens. Perhaps it’s because Black, to me, speaks of mystery and the unknown. Odin is full of mysteries and always wants to learn the unknown. Perhaps that’s why I always feel bold and daring in Black–ready to take on the things that intimidate me, that are unknown.

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