Black vs Red

There seems to be a debate going on about how Loki really looks. It all started after Thor and the Avengers were released–the movies, not the comics. The comics have been around for quite some time, yet this debate is relatively new.

The argument I hear is “the real Loki doesn’t look like Marvel Loki”. Which, I’ll admit, when I first saw Thor, I thought, too. Loki is said to have red or blond hair (which makes sense for Norsemen), not jet black. He’s also part Jotun, which means He’d probably be really tall–not the same size as Thor Himself, which Tom Hiddleston pretty much is height wise. I’ve avoided using Marvel Loki photos up until now for that exact reason. I myself didn’t think Marvel Loki looked like Loki.

To be fair, I still don’t. Or rather, Marvel Loki doesn’t look the way Loki presents Himself to me. The way I see Loki is with flaming red hair, and yes, He’s quite tall. (Gender, build, length of hair, etc changes depending on how He chooses.) Loki has never shown me a side of Him that looks like Marvel Loki.

But here’s the thing–and I have Elizabeth to thank for pointing this out, as it’s a thought that hadn’t occurred to me–Loki is a shapeshifter. What makes us think that there is a right or wrong way for Him to be portrayed? Can’t He look any way He wants to? So what I see Loki with red hair. Maybe someone else seems Him with black, or perhaps blue, or brown. Or maybe they just see Him as the mare that mothered Sleipnir. Point is, I don’t think it’s for us to say how the real Loki looks. He can look any way He chooses at any given point in the day. There’s nothing say that He doesn’t look like Marvel Loki–or at least hasn’t at some point.


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2 Responses to Black vs Red

  1. michael says:

    Deep thinking , thank you

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