Runic Musings

I have to say, I love my Runes. My drawing of them has been a little sporadic lately–a day here, a day there–but I’m trying to get back to drawing them a little more often.

I’ve noticed myself drawn more to my Red Jasper Runes lately as opposed to my Amethyst ones. I’m not sure why, but my Jasper Runes I associate more with Odin, and my Amethyst ones I associate more with Freyja. It’s just feelings they give me. I think they’re appropriate associations since both Freyja and Odin work with Runes.

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One Response to Runic Musings

  1. tinnuwen says:

    I can imagine them being perfect like that.
    I’ve got a set that I made many years ago myself and they’re made of flint stones that I once gathered…

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