Uruz: The Mountain

I don’t draw Uruz much. In fact, I can’t recall the last time it came up in one of my readings. But I went to bed with it on my mind last night, and woke up the same way. Because I don’t draw it much, I don’t know that much about it, so I decided to do some research and investigate it.

To look at Uruz is, to me, to look at a mountain. The shape of it–the point at the top with the sloping side–is so reminiscent of the strong, steady landmarks. Mountains don’t budge when faced with difficulty or anything, really. I draw this same message from Uruz. Be strong. Be steady. Know your own strength and stand your ground. Don’t budge on things. A little wind doesn’t make the mountain bow–instead the mountain stays there and forces the wind to go around it, just like rocks on the shore force the water to go around them.

Going from there, I can say that Uruz is about being a Warrior. A Warrior for what you believe, for what you know is yours, and in not moving on your stance. No matter how much a person wants a mountain to move so that he can see the sunrise, the mountain knows where it belongs. It doesn’t move. It doesn’t compromise. It listens and takes things in, but it doesn’t give an inch.

In the human world, there is a time to bend and a time to compromise, but when Uruz comes up, I don’t think that is the time for those things. Uruz tells me that it is the time to stand my ground and keep trucking along even if the wind blows harder.

There is more to Uruz–other meanings and messages that can be drawn from this Rune, but this is the glaring message that Uruz presents to me. It’s the one that stares me straight in the face. Perhaps, over time, I’ll learn more of Uruz and the other lessons it has to teach.

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