The Gentler Side

I wouldn’t actually call Odin my boss. I have more of a father/daughter relationship with Him. But He can be kind of bossy. Most of the time I find He nudges me onto a path, shows me the way down the winding road that will lead me to the things I want/need. Sometimes though I don’t listen. Because maybe that path is too shaded and I can’t see where tree roots protrude from the Earth and I worry about stumbling over them and falling down. Or maybe there’s another, much sunnier, path that is attracting my eye. It’s quite rare that Odin actually has to use force with me to get me to do something, but sometimes He does.

I’ve come to accept that that’s just how our relationship works. He tries to do things the gentle way, but I with my stubbornness don’t always listen. So He gives me a heavy dose of You-Need-To-Listen that doesn’t always taste like a spoonful of sugar, or even the bubble gum flavor that some medicines have.

Odin gets the rep of being ruthless, harsh and not gentle at all. For most people, that is a very true thing. He isn’t gentle or soft. Even for me, He’s not the kind of father that says “here have a teddy bear” when you’ve had a nightmare. He teaches His lessons, but there is a gentler side to Him. It’s just much rarer to see than the God that knows what He wants and sets out to get it regardless of cost to Him or anyone else.

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