Tattoos, Kano, and Contemplation

I’ve known for a while that someday I’ll get a Valknut tattoo. In fact, I thought that would be my very next tattoo. It’s something I know to be in my future, and given my work with Odin and everything, it seemed like a logical next choice. But lately I’ve had a different feeling.

For this entire year I’ve been working with the Runes. Admittedly the past few months while my life underwent a major change my practice slipped a bit, but I’ve been reviving it and I’m not offering Rune Readings. The last tattoo I ever thought I’d get was one of a Rune, but lately…that’s the direction I’ve been drawn in.

I have a few ideas as to what Rune I’d get. At first Eihwaz came to mind–it’s easily my favorite Rune, the one I have the deepest connection with, and the very first Rune I ever worked with. I contemplated this, but it didn’t feel right. Eihwaz may be near and dear to me, but I don’t think it’s the Rune that’s meant to permanently mark my body. At least not yet (who knows what the future holds).

When I was contemplating all of this and letting ideas come to mind, it was Kano that kept coming to me.

Image by Lord Wobbler

Image by Lord Wobbler

Kano is a Rune of fire, of opening. This suits me quite well. I’m a Sagittarius which is a fire sign. Going beyond that, Fire also speaks of the your passions, and I’ve always considered Kano to be a Rune of inspiration. It’s always struck me as an artist’s Rune.

Lately, I’ve been letting Odin further and further into my life. Back in January when I made this website I thought I was letting Him all the way. These past few days He’s shown me differently–that I was still keeping Him out of some things, holding Him at arms length. I took all this and the messages and lessons of Kano, melded them together and opened up the rest of the way to Him.

The changes (which I may go into more detail about at another time) feel so right to me, and the idea of having Kano tattooed on me feels equally right. Before I make any hard and fast decisions though I’m going to keep working with Kano (and all the other Runes) and contemplating things. Tattoos are not decisions that are made lightly, nor is permanently linking an energy with you (and I very much believe each Rune has it’s own energy. It’s hard to imagine anyone who’s worked with the Runes not agreeing with this).

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One Response to Tattoos, Kano, and Contemplation

  1. Tinnuwen says:

    Having (a) rune(s) in a tattoo or as one has crossed my mind before, too – but as you say, they’ve got their very own energies and I do believe in them having so as a tattoo on one’s body, too, or even more so, given the thought they’re forever imprinted, in blood?
    So that’s what, at the end, has kept me from deciding upon any tattoo with runes – because really, I don’t know what I’ll be like in 5 years, and what I will need. It’s felt too much like binding a certain type of energy on myself. Maybe one day I’ll decide upon something that will feel completely right, but for now – no.

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