The Source

It doesn’t escape my attention that the day that the words flow freely for my novel is Odin’s Day. Yesterday I was having such trouble, every word was a fight to get out. I struggled to write even a thousand words. But today when I sat down at the computer, the words just poured out of me and I easily surpassed my daily goal by 600+ words.

Odin has long had domain over my writing and every time I go to write He finds a way to reinforce this. Perhaps this is a very subtle way, but it’s a way that He knows I will recognize. I don’t usually notice things unless they are painfully obvious, and He knows this about me. This is a thing that is quite obvious to me that says “it is my day and on this day I’m going to give you a bit of inspiration.” For the longest time Odin has been my muse. Like Him I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and the more I research things and learn things, the more story ideas I get.

For all the inspiration and guidance and wisdom He’s given me over the years and still to this day, I say “thank You”. I wouldn’t be writing without His inspiration, and my works wouldn’t be as good as they are (not saying they are the best thing ever, just that they are better than they would’ve been otherwise) without Him. This is why all my writing is in honor of Him and an offering to Him. Because without Him, it wouldn’t exist. I wouldn’t have the ideas with which to work and do what I do. I am never not aware of this fact, and every day I say “thank You” for everything He has given me.

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2 Responses to The Source

  1. talia says:

    Praise be to beautiful and inspiring Odin. I`m glad the words were flowing on this, His, day. 🙂

  2. talia says:

    Also, that is an AWESOME picture! 😀

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