Altar Placement

I was looking around my room here and thinking about where I could set up proper altars to my deities. Given that I work with Odin the most I initially thought about having His altar in the actual bedroom and Freyja’s altar in the “guest room” (which doubles as computer/writing/music room) especially since that room is currently being used by a cat. But upon thinking about this…that feels completely backward to me.

Not having Freyja’s altar in my bedroom feels wrong. Having Odin’s altar in here feels wrong.

This makes me think about the ways in which “tools” play a role in my interactions with my deities. My Odin altar has always been very simplistic–a few candles, two raven statues, a vial of wolf fur, an offering bowl and my runes. That’s it. Freyja’s altar is much more complex. Another set of runes, cat figurines, incense, candles, crystals, faerie statues all adorn Her shrine. Oh, and the other thing that goes on my Odin shrine usually is the notebook that holds all my research on Runes and Norse mythology. But overall the set ups are quite different.

What feels right for placement especially intrigues me and will be the source of meditations in the near future I’m sure.

Once I get each altar set up to my (or rather, Their) satisfaction, I will share pictures of them.

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