Completion and Harvest

I drew a few Runes on my birthday (this past Tuesday) for the coming year. I have two sets of Runes, and each one is used to communicate with a specific deity. Freyja speaks to me through my Amethyst Runes, and Odin communicates through my Red Jasper ones. So, I did my daily reading, and then asked each of Them what messages They had for me for the coming year.

My Rune for the day was Jera, which is all about the Harvest. I smiled when I saw this, as this Rune is always a positive Rune for me. It’s Kano and Kano reversed put together–opening, creativity, passion and fire–but also those things coming to a close. Things having been worked on, tended, loved and encouraged, and then seeing the fruition of all of that work. That Rune was very appropriate for the day. I worked on a lot of things this year, and saw my hard work pay off: I published my first short story, and I moved in with my boyfriend (which involved moving states!). Looking back on the year, I’ve been incredibly busy and productive and I’m happy with where I am now.

My Runes for the year were Jera from Odin, and from Freyja I got Inguz.

Inguz isn’t a Rune I draw very often. Off the bat it speaks to me of abundance, because of the double X. Abundance correlates with growth and fertility, which is what this Rune means.

Both Runes speak of listening for messages and going within.

Reading my paper journal from yesterday, I find that I wrote this about the reading:

“Perhaps growing creativity and completion of projects are in the coming year for me.”

I currently have three different projects on the go right now, and most of them should be done next year (one I’m hoping to release around Valentine’s Day!). So the aforementioned drawn conclusion could very well be accurate. Only the coming year will tell.


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