Beautiful, Fair, and Powerful

Freyja is, perhaps, one of the most “famous” Norse deities. She has domain over many things including beauty, love, fertility, magic, amber/gold, war, and death.

She is wed to Od, a god that we don’t know much about. He’s missing most of the time, and when He goes away and Freyja is left alone, She cries tears of gold for Him. Some say tears of Amber, and my personal UPG tells me that it’s Amber. By Od She has two daughters, Hnoss and Gersemi. Her brother is Freyr (“Lord”), and Her father is Njord. Her mother remains nameless–or at least isn’t referred to by name.

Freyja is sought after by several. Odin Himself lusts after Her, several Jotuns wants to marry Her, and even dwarves desire nights with Her. To four of the dwarves She consented to their wishes in order to gain ownership of the precious necklace, Brisingamen. Odin was outraged to hear fair Freyja had lain with dwarves and in “revenge” ordered Loki to steal Her necklace. Only when She stirred up war between two kings did She get Her necklace back from Odin.

In addition to Brisingamen, Freyja owns a cloak made of falcon feathers which She sometimes loans out to the other gods. She also has a chariot drawn by two cats, and also the board, Hildisvini.

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