Of Butterflies, Cats, and Fiction

This holiday season seems to have been all about fair Freyja. For Yule, my boyfriend got

Photo by Raven

Photo by Raven

me a gorgeous pair of Amethyst earrings in the shape of butterflies. I have always heavily associated butterflies with Freyja. Perhaps because of their connection to the fae, or because they are a thing of beauty. Or maybe it was just UPG. But Freyja and butterflies always went hand in hand for me.

I also received a cat pendant for Yule (this from my boyfriend’s parents who don’t know that much about me yet!). Freyja rode in a chariot drawn by two cats, and cats are sacred to Her.

Last night I was out walking a dog and trying to figure out the best date for my next fiction release. I try to release things on Pagan holidays, Full or New Moons. But this is a collection of love stories that will be released just before Valentine’s Day. While looking at my calendar a few days prior, I had thought about releasing it on a Friday given the nature of the project and Friday being Freyja’s Day. I was at my dayjob at the time and couldn’t give it much thought, though. So as I walked a dog, I mulled it over. Almost as soon as I decided to do it, a cat crossed my path. There are many stray cats around the city that I live in, but in that neighborhood I hadn’t seen any yet, and the feeling I got when I saw it felt like a resounding “YES!” from Freyja. That settled that!

Given all of these signs, I can only take it that Freyja approves of the project I’m working on. I admit I had been waffling on whether or not to release it because it’s such a far cry from my first release. But it’s something I’ve been enjoying working on, and having my next thing be something far different from Rescued isn’t a bad thing. As a writer, I don’t just write in one genre anyway.

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5 Responses to Of Butterflies, Cats, and Fiction

  1. Christopher says:

    Does your boyfriend know that you are a Pagan? Do you know of his views on Paganism?

    I hope I don’t sound too intrusive, I’m just wondering.

    • Raven says:

      He does know I’m Pagan. I know i’m a lucky girl in the fact that I have a boyfriend who not only knows I’m Pagan, but is also interested in my spirituality. We met online and some of the first conversations we had were about spirituality. 🙂

      (His views are that it’s just as valid as any other religion.)

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  3. tanishal says:

    The Old Icelandic word for butterfly is freyjuhcena,which translates to “Freyja’s Hens”. I always saw the connection before I ran across that, myself.

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