An Announcement

Hi everyone,

It’s been several months since I posted anything here, so I figured I should stop by and check in.

Last year I made a very big move–I went from living in Indiana to living in New Jersey. That move was arguably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life thus far. Life in New Jersey is far different than in Indiana, but in many ways I find I’m more suited to this life.

Things changed when I moved though.

When I lived in Indiana, Odin was all around me. Everyday He was there when I woke up, and I talked to Him every night right before I went to sleep. He was this constant, steady pulse in my life that had been there for several years. He had become the one thing I knew I could rely on to be there. I began to center my spiritual practice around Him, created this blog, and even started planning a devotional book to/about Him. Everyday I grew closer to Him and everyday He became more important in my life.

That was back in Indiana though. The moment I moved, everything changed.

At first when I came here, I still felt Him. Not nearly as strongly as when I lived in Indiana, but He was definitely still there. As time went on, He began to fade until eventually I didn’t feel Him anymore. And that’s where I am today. The Celtic Irish Goddess of Creativity, Brigid, has come to be the focal of my practice.

I’m sad Odin is gone, but at the same time I understand that there are seasons to life and perhaps my season with Him has come to a close. Maybe it’ll roll around again. Who knows?

Given everything that’s happened and His retreat, posts here will be very few and far between. I hesitate to promise making any at all, as this one is the first one I’ve made in about 3 months and I haven’t been inspired to write anything for this blog.

Odin will always have a place in my heart and practice should He ever return, but for now, it seems my attentions are being directed elsewhere. If you’d like to follow me you can find me at my writer site, and on Twitter and Facebook. 🙂

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2 Responses to An Announcement

  1. Christopher says:

    Sounds like you’re moving from Heathenism to Celtic paganism.Sad to see somebody leave Odin.

    • Raven says:

      A little bit I am. It was something I set out to do, and I would still happily follow Odin. I just don’t feel Him anymore so don’t really feel called to do things specifically for Him–I don’t hear/feel His instruction.

      That said, He will always have a small space in my practice. I don’t think I could ever leave Him entirely–it’d be like trying to sever yourself from your biological father (and by that I mean, actually taking his DNA out of your system). Odin is/was very much a Cosmic father to me, and just because He’s grown a little distant doesn’t mean I won’t ever honor Him in some way, large or small 🙂

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