The Beautiful Freya

Freyja is a Goddess of many, many things. Love, and beauty–Herself a beautiful Goddess. She loves pretty things and finding the beautiful in not-so-beautiful places. She’s a Goddess of magic and mystery. She taught Odin the practice of Seidr. She is also Goddess of war and death, getting one half of the Slain warriors in each battle. Odin gets the other half. She is famous for many things: Brisingamen, Her falcon cloak, and of course Her tears of amber.

Brisingamen–the Fire Jewel
Her necklace–said to be the most beautiful one ever created. She was out wandering around when She came upon four dwarves making it. The moment Her eyes landed on it, She had to have it. So She agreed to spend one night each with the four dwarves if they would give Her the necklace. Their bargain complete, it hangs forever around Her neck. It featured in a few of the myths, and Loki even stole it once (due to Odin’s command), but it forever gets returned to Her, and it can be argued that it’s Her most prized possession.

Her Falcon Cloak
The Falcon Cloak allows the wearer to fly in the form of a Falcon. Not just Freyja, but the wearer. Freyja is it’s keeper and this possession clearly demonstrates Her connection to shape shifting magic.She often lends this cloak to Loki for various things.

Tears Of Amber
Some say they are actually gold. But UPG–my own and others’–tells me they’re actually Amber. Freyja cries tears of Amber when Her husband Od goes missing and She traverses the world searching for Him. He is never found and several people speculate that Her husband is actually Odin.

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