What Once Was Lost, Is Now Found (hopefully)


Photo by Raven

Photo by Raven

For the past 9 months now I’ve been working as a pet sitter and dog walker (on top of being a writer and working part time at a veterinarian’s office). This weekend I stayed over night with a Pit Bull that in many ways reminds me of the Wild Hunt dogs. While at Brewer’s house, I set up this make shift altar to Odin and Freyja.

I feel like I may be speaking too soon, but I can’t help stating it. I feel like He’s coming back. Like I’m somehow regaining the connection that was once so strong and then got lost during a huge transition in my life. It feels good, and right. For so long I hadn’t felt connected to anything spiritually speaking, but during this past weekend–and even for a few days before that–I felt that connection returning. I was telling a friend how I had been missing Odin and the connection I’d felt to Him and she suggested just simply calling out to Him. Her advice was spot on and I didn’t even have to do that. As soon as I made the decision to do so and started preparing for the simple ritual I planned to do…that’s when I felt Him, when I felt the connection stirring again. Now that I’ve found it again, I just have to find a way in my insanely busy life to maintain it. 

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