For Freyja~ <3

For years I’ve wanted a certain tattoo. Not the one that I have on my back (a moon and star), but a certain one that had tons of meaning to it. A butterfly, on my inner right wrist. The image, colors, and placement were all symbolic, so none of them could really be changed. That meant I had to hold off for awhile, as visible tattooes are still very taboo in work places. But that didn’t stop me from dreaming.

Butterflies are quite symbolic to me. They represent so much. Fleeting life, death, change, air, fire, inspiration, Brigid, Freyja…I could go on and on. Butterflies were the first totem I ever had–they were there before I even knew what a totem was. I loved them. All of them with their varieties of color, shapes, and sizes. They were all beautiful.

Two weeks ago, on a Friday, I felt this incredible pull. I was at work and was inspired to look at pictures of butterfly tattooes in my downtime, and that just fed the feeling that was growing. Despite having a dayjob that was very much customer oriented, I knew the time was right. It was something I felt and everything seemed to be falling into place. I had gotten a petsitting gig from a tatoo artist. I asked if, instead of giving me cash, could we just work in trade. And he said yes. The deal was done.

That night when I got off I went and had a Monarch butterfly tattooed on my arm. The thing I’d been wanting for years came to fruition.

The place I chose to get it hurt like crazy, and it reminded me immensely of ordeals and how Odin wants us to go through them, how they make us stronger. Other than that, this piece of art had nothing to do with Odin. It had more to do with Freyja.

Photo by Raven

Photo by Raven

I’ve long since connected butterflies with Her. Butterflies are connected to the realm of the Fae and there is a very strong association for me with Freyja and the Fae. I don’t want to say they go hand in hand, but more like She has a fascination with them. She likes to visit them. I also connect Freyja with Air and Fire, and of course beautiful things. And butterflies are all of those things wrapped into one.

The color of the Monarch is another deep meaning, and quite connected to Freyja. She is said to traverse the world looking for Od (Her lost husband) shedding tears of Amber or Gold. The Monarch is made up of reds, oranges, and yellows. (Which are also Autumn colors–my most favorite season~!) I don’t really think I need to point out that Red is connected with Fire, Orange to inspiration, and Yellow to both Air and Fire.

So, this tattoo has all sorts of meaning built into it for me, and I’m very glad I got it. Luckily, my dayjob doesn’t seem to mind that I have a visible tattoo either.

(Also posted on my writing blog, The Raven Scribe~)

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